white wine and cheese

The Best Wine & Cheese Pairings

Are you looking to serve wine and cheese at your next holiday soiree? Or maybe you want to dabble into something yummy tonight while staying in with a movie. Either way, you’ll need to know which cheeses pair best with which wines.

rose-pour Rose

Because of its acidity, there are a variety of cheeses that pair nicely with rose including goat cheese, feta and rocchetta. The flavors of each cheese will be emphasized without losing the juiciness of the grapes in the wine.

white wine and cheese White

There are many different white wines to pair with cheeses so it can seem hard to determine which one works the best. Brie holds its own when paired with Chardonnay while Gruyere complements Sauvignon Blanc deliciously. The possibilities here are endless!

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Cheese-Red-Wine-Pomegranate-and-Grapes-600x337 Red 

Hard cheeses go well with most red wines. Gouda is lovely when paired with Merlot, while Cheddar works well with Cabernet. But if you’re looking for something to go with Parmesan, stick with a nice Chianti.



How to Serve Wine at Your Holiday Parties

Planning to host a holiday party this season? You’ll need to brush up on your wine skills. Here’s a few simple things to remember while serving vino at this year’s party.

Offer a Variety of Grapes

Be sure you have both red and white wines at your party to favor everyones tastes. A bubbly is also nice to start things off with a celebratory toast and a port is perfect for dessert.

Stock Up On Bottles

The last you want to do is run out of wine during your party so be sure you have enough bottles to keep you guests buzzing and happy. A great way to ensure you have enough to drink is to ask your guests to bring a bottle with them.

Serve The Right Stemware 

An intimate party can call for fancier glasses you only use on special occasions, but for a larger, rowdier crowd keep things simple. Traditional long-stemmed wine glasses work well and they don’t have to cost too much either. Many cheaper glasses are thicker and won’t break as easy if they get nicked or dropped.

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A vineyard wedding is gorgeous in itself, creating so many natural picturesque opportunities. The sun setting along the hills while your guests sip on incredible wine and appetizers is fantastic, you can enhance this natural beauty even more by adding flowers. Here are some ideas to inspire your floral set up…

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Make your summer sizzle with these refreshing cocktail recipes

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Tell us your favorite summer drink in the comments below. Cheers!

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How to order wine at a restaurant – tips by an expert sommelier

The three basic parts of how to order wine at a restaurant are: verify the bottle, inspect the cork, and approve the wine sample.

Expert sommelier and wine educator Marnie Old explains how to order wine in a restaurant. Learn tricks like how to choose an apertif, when to drink a sparkling wine, and when to choose a light wine vs. a heavy one. Marnie also demonstrates how to read a wine list by understanding style, region, and price.

What are your restaurant wine tips? Tell us in the comments below. Cheers!